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“If you think the way you’ve always thought, you’ll get what you’ve always got!”

— Gary Cox

We want to improve our wealth thermostat, but we can’t do anything about it. Why? 

Our desire for success and how we attain it are disconnected. The world of having a desire and actually achieving it are quite different.

You’ve probably read other blogs, watched YouTube videos, taken classes, attended seminars, and learned about several get-rich-quick schemes involving stocks, real estate, or different types of businesses. But what happened? 


Not much, for the vast majority!

They have a brief burst of energy, and everything returns to normal. There’s an answer at last. You won’t remember this law, even if it is straightforward.

Everything boils down to this: nothing you learn, know, or do will matter much if your subconscious “money blueprint” is not “configured” for success. It’s not a perfect science, but for the most part, rich people have a specific way of thinking, and poor people have a different way of thinking, and those ways of thinking drive their behaviors, which determine their results.

What is a Wealth Thermostat?

We all have an internal wealth thermostat that controls how much money we think we can make from our jobs or enterprises. 

Just consider the last time you searched for a job. I bet you immediately looked at positions within the same salary setting. And just to prove to you that we all have that wealth setting? And if you’ve ever run a business, you’ll also be aware that we all start by merely expecting to cover your basic expenses, such as the rent, bills, etc. The next step is to match your prior wage, and if you want to increase it further, you must closely examine the limiting beliefs standing in the way. To shift those ideas and raise your wealth thermostat, you must put in some effort.

An excellent strategy to develop your wealth consciousness and the current setting is gradually raising your wealth thermostat. Dealing with the ideas that support your present default setting is a powerful technique to achieve results much more quickly. Together, the two are potent, and I think it is your collective responsibility to address your wealth thermostats for the sake of future generations.

Why Is The Wealth Thermostat Crucial?

Since there is no such thing as “good or bad luck,” it is important. Depending on our paradigm—how we see the world—we either have good or terrible luck.

Our most frequent thoughts shape our beliefs. And our paradigm is formed by our belief systems.

If your family struggled with finances and you heard phrases like “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “we can’t afford it,” etc. growing up, it has probably imprinted your beliefs about money.

Perhaps you are aware that many resources are available and you can earn significantly more money. However, if your mind hasn’t been reprogrammed, you continue to believe the same old thinking from when you were a youngster.

You unconsciously assume you will make the amount of money your financial thermostat is set up. You can come across chances that provide you with an opportunity to earn more money. They don’t feel right since your brain and nervous system don’t feel safe.

But until you change what’s happening internally, you frequently resist those things or start them and then sabotage yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in all the practical stuff, like tracking expenses, budgeting in alignment with your goals and values, paying yourself first, investing, etc.

Willpower can only be maintained for so long before it fails.

This reminds me of when I rapidly and easily broke the 7-figure barrier when I first launched my program in 2019. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the influence of thinking and emotions at the time, and I had no idea how to maintain my success.

I want to share six simple strategies with you today so you can accomplish your objectives and maintain them because I never want you to go through the horrible loss I did.

How to Reset Your Financial Thermostat

1. Review Your Perceptions About Wealthy People

“They have privileges,”

They can get away with almost anything.

Oh, she’s got money, so don’t worry about her.

They are dishonest. They have no concern for individuals like us.

These are only a few criticisms that some people level at the wealthy, who are perceived as immoral, unethical, and entitled.

If that’s how you perceive the wealthy, it’s not surprising that you might have financial difficulties. If attracting money meant you would end up like the individuals you criticize, why would you want to do it?

Looking honestly at your thoughts on money and wealthy people is the first step in developing a wealth consciousness. Examine your beliefs about rich individuals.

2. Look At Your Irrational Money Beliefs

“Your dad put a lot of effort into that money,”

We are unable to pay for it.

Stop misusing money.

“There is so much pain because of money.”

You may have grown up hearing things like these regarding money.

The majority of the notions we have about money come from our communities, families, and the media. If your parents frequently quarreled over money, you might unconsciously think that money causes quarrels.

Was discussing money a sensitive or taboo subject in your family? How are you doing?

3. Rich Mindset= Rich Life.

Living life on your terms is a key component of wealth. However, different people define this differently. You’ll attract other things more quickly if you concentrate on everything that makes you feel wealthy, content, and prosperous (in whatever aspect of your life).


What are you now loving in your life? What’s giving you a sense of abundance, nourishment, and wealth? It can concern your health, money, career, relationships, spirituality, or way of life.

Look around and note how you are already wealthy and free since the human mind creates all riches.

Make a list, add to it each day for the following week, and watch how rapidly your realities change!

4. Check Your Financial Situation Right Now

Would you feel secure with a large sum of money? What would be a large sum of money? $1M? $10M?

The financial bar you have set for yourself will never be crossed. Even if you win the lottery, you might not be allowed to keep the money in your possession.

5. Explain Your Need For Money In Detail

How would life be if you had $1 million in the account? Would you have no debt? The gap between a net worth of $1 million and $10 million is considerable. If you won $10 million, would you leave your job? Change the state of residence? Contribute to your kids’ first house on their first house.

6. Mental Language

Whatever you concentrate on grows. You’ll hear me repeat this a lot. Therefore, it’s important to choose your words carefully. Make it a habit to start your sentences with one of these words:

  • I am …
  • I can …
  • I shall …
  • I decide…
  • I have …

For instance, if building a 6-figure business is your objective, you can state…

  • I can build a six-figure business with enthusiasm.
  • I can undoubtedly build a lucrative, six-figure company that impacts the world and feeds my soul.
  • I’ll have no trouble building a 6-figure business.
  • I decided to build a 6-figure business while having a blast at every turn!
  • I have the resources, knowledge, and tools necessary to build the six-figure business of my dreams.

Additionally, jot down any affirmations you truly like and repeat them before going to bed and first thing in the morning.

Here is a handful that I use frequently:

  • Money enables me to pursue my goals.
  • I’m at ease and feel secure.
  • I’m getting money in every direction.
  • Every day, my bank account is growing.
  • I’m set up for prosperity, and I experience happiness and abundance.
  • I’m free to carry out my desires whenever I like.

Love From Your Coach


Set a higher financial temperature.

Your financial story doesn’t need to follow in your parent’s footsteps. You choose how you want it to be read. Be specific about the nature of that story. Be aware of your internal dialogue.

Think about how you now feel about money. What emotions seem to predominate when you deal with money? Do you experience heartburn whenever you read your credit card statements? Do you regret your purchases while you sleep?

A positive relationship with money is fluid and enjoyable. One tool is money. How you use it is entirely up to you. To handle your money in a way that is consistent with your values, identify what you value.

By becoming aware of limiting ideas and rewiring the brain through constructive affirmations, visualization techniques, and other methods, you can change it by working with your subconscious mind.

The damage will continue unless you alter your subconscious programming. You will always receive what you have already received.


1. What does having plenty of money mean?

It’s all about having more than you require. It’s about being able to live comfortably and abundantly, not having to worry about money or where you’re going to eat tomorrow. You may live your life in a way that feels genuine and true to you when you have money abundance.

2. How can I reprogram my mind to be rich?

Concentrate on what you want and go after it! So many people are afraid to declare their desires and take action. Develop a goal-oriented mindset. Never Stop Learning. Think Big. Don’t Spend Your Money—Invest It. To get in-depth knowledge, read my blog 10 Secrets of a Millionaire Mindset To Achieve Financial Freedom.

3. What is a millionaire mindset?

Making decisions with your money will be significantly improved by adopting a millionaire mindset and concentrating on it. Wealthy people who devote more effort to financial planning consistently make better choices, achieve better outcomes, and become financially independent.

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