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That Got Me From An Average 9-5 Employee To An Impactful 8-Fig Life Coach!

The law of attraction has been in operation from the beginning of time. Let me explain it to those who may be curious. The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on, you will attract into your life. Gravity is the law of attraction. You will draw your vision into your reality if you experience it.

Many of the world’s richest people have spoken about the law of attraction morning routine. However, it is the universal law, not the world’s law. Both good and bad things might come into your life due to the law of attraction. In this arena, it is encouraged to emphasize the goals you have for your life rather than your worries. Allowing your anxieties to creep in is acceptable as long as you address them. Recognize them, comprehend them, and take positive action to replace them.

I’m going to share my best morning routine for success with you so that you can also adopt it into your life.

Here’s The SMARTE Millionaire Morning Routine For Successfully Manifesting Your Goals

1. Silence

Meditation is a wonderful way to begin the day. There is nothing better than this.

You can continue to meditate for another 3-5 minutes while lying in bed. The type of meditation you wish to practice is up to you. Try frequent law of attraction meditation or mindfulness meditation if you’re just starting. In addition, you can listen to guided meditation tracks.

Young woman doing yoga in nature. Female wearing white sport clothes in lotus figure.

You might struggle at first to restrain your thoughts and find them wandering. It strays more the more you try to tame it. Spend the first 10-15 minutes of the morning quietly, carefully concentrating on your breath, establishing a connection with your intuition, and engaging the higher mental waves.

2. Mind Movies

The practice of visual meditation often referred to as visual manifesting, is one of my favorites for attracting the things you want in life. But first, put on some music to help you manifest. 

Play it, settle in, and begin to picture the life you want. Be intentional and precise when describing your ideal existence; what does it entail? Who is there? What do you have to say? What do you do for employment? Do you work a job? What kind of income do you earn? Where in the home are you? How are you doing? Picture it in your mind’s eye, and act as though you already have it. Never question the universe; have faith in it.

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3. Affirmations

It is advised to monitor your words because they have the power to affect your reality. Affirmations for the future are not simply for your benefit; they are also sent out into the universe. The universe rewards you for your desires and beliefs the more you say things like, “I am happy, I am loved, I am beautiful, I am wealthy, and I am abundant.”

Examine your image in the mirror. Give it a try. It will not only give you a sense of empowerment, but it will also begin to show up in your life and through your eyes. Then, when you speak it, feel those feelings as though you already experience them. What would you think about it?

4. Reading

In my opinion, it’s simply data without writing or acting on what you’ve read. It starts to take shape when we give what we’ve learned significance through our worldviews. Additionally, making notes is crucial for remembering knowledge on its own. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe retention ranges from about 20 to 60%.

I’ve read many books since 2019, and I genuinely feel my world has changed. For each non-fiction book, I make notes. You may greatly increase your knowledge and imagination through reading. Read five to six pages of a self-help book every morning.

5. Thank You Note

Giving thanks in the morning is a great way to encourage positive thinking. Think back on yesterday’s activities and concentrate on those that caused you to feel grateful. For example, you could thank the Universe for your good fortune or a kind act someone performed for you.

Once more, you can do this before or right after getting up. The sooner you take action, the better.

You can greatly enhance your mental health and welfare by cultivating gratitude. Your thoughts will feel happier and lighter as you reflect on a positive experience. You can also give thanks in advance for something you’re working on manifesting.

I often express thankfulness, and my morning routine includes two “gratitude sessions.” I start by listing everything I am thankful for in my journal. This is a combination of things I currently experience in my life and things I hope to have in the future.

6. Exercise

To perform properly, your body and mind must be awakened after being dormant throughout the night. Exercise can help the body release any remaining fatigue and prepare it to take on the day with vigor.

By taking deep breaths, you can get rid of the stale air in your respiratory system and replace it with fresh air. You could have the energy to leap out of bed as more oxygen fills your lungs. Get moving. Go for a walk, stretch your body, and do yoga. Wake up each cell of your body. This will energize you and also help you accomplish your health goals.

Love From Your Coach

I have been following this productive morning routine for nearly 3 years, and my life has changed 360°. And I have taught over 40k people the same, and the dreams they have manifested by doing this are incredible.

This millionaire morning routine is developed and followed religiously daily; this morning ritual can profoundly impact your life. A healthy morning routine may influence how the rest of the day will go. If you can maintain this, it will improve your perspective and actions.

It can be challenging to stay focused on your objectives, though. You can believe that everything is conspiring against you and that challenges are blocking you from achieving your goals. 

Remember that you are doing this for the long haul, so pick your activities carefully to maintain your enthusiasm for your daily routine. And if you need more motivation to use the law of attraction and add more manifesting magic to your life, join my 30 Days Rise N Shine Manifestation Club.


Why is a morning routine important?

You can boost happiness, reduce stress, increase productivity, and engage in a good morning routine. Unfortunately, too many people encounter a flood of commitments when they awaken each morning, ultimately dictating how their mornings proceed.

What impact can a morning ritual have on your life?

The advantages of waking up at the same time every day include better sleep, more alertness, sharper focus, better work performance, decreased irritability, higher immune system function, and a happier mood.

How long should a morning routine be?

Select an appropriate time to wake up. Avoid pressing the snooze button. Instead, devote between 30 and 90 minutes to your routine.

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