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Do you feel like your life is in “auto-pilot” mode?

As if you’re doing the same thing repeatedly and this monotonous life is killing something inside you. 

Does your inner self questions you, “why am I even doing this?”

“What good does this bring to me?”

If your heart is screaming a big YES, let me tell you the real reason behind this.

Everything else in life is meaningless if you aren’t living out your soul’s purpose. I say it with confidence because I have been there too.

If you haven’t given your inner purpose a thought, you could have preconceived notions about what life is all about. For example, our upbringing influences our lives in getting married and raising children or obtaining a financial goal.

However, once you have discovered your life’s purpose, you will start to put all your efforts in that direction and start living intentionally.

What Does It Mean To Live With Purpose?

To live intentionally is to wake up every day with clarity. But how do attain clarity in life?

No matter how complex it sounds, clearing your belief system, filtering your surroundings, and taking aligned actions in your life is the first step.

Work on uplifting your energy, shifting your negative thoughts, and letting the things you’re meant for you come effortlessly. Remember, it’s a combined effort you put in by raising consciousness externally and internally. 

If you think you want time to pause, take it.  Reflect, and determine what you want to achieve in life and why it matters to you.


You’ll never succeed if you’re unclear about your objectives, aspirations, and dreams.

Everybody’s definition of intentional living is different because we all have unique objectives, convictions, drives, dreams, and goals.

Why Is Intentional Living Important?

For various reasons, to start with, it can completely alter how you approach life, see the world, and accomplish your objectives. But, the advantages don’t end here:

  • You’ll go closer to achieving your objectives, regardless of whether they are professional, personal, family, financial, or otherwise.
  • You’ll find it simpler to decide. Making the “correct” selection can be easier if you let your purpose direct your choices.
  • Knowing that you are living your life in accordance with your mission will make you happier.

How To Live Intentionally?

It all comes down to choosing what you want to do instead of just surviving. 

First, you make specific objectives that direct your actions. Then, you try your best to base your decisions on that.

Act On What You Truly Desire To Do

You undoubtedly have responsibilities and bills to pay. The good news is that you can spend your time doing what you want while doing all that. The objective is to figure out how to design a life that doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario.

That’s why clarity regarding your objectives, aspirations and desired freedom-based lifestyle is necessary for intentional living. Your schedule is full of activities you want to perform when you wake up each morning. Pause before doing any task. Ask yourself if it feels pleasant to you.

Stop holding the limiting belief that you must spend your life doing things you dislike to achieve a few years of happiness in the end. 

Know that living with higher awareness and deciding for yourself will help you strike a balance between things that are important to do and things that feel right.

Determine Your Values

Start revisiting your values and pondering deep into your belief system. The following questions can help you clarify what’s important to you:

  • What would a perfect day for you look like from sunrise to night?
  • Why are these issues so crucial?
  • What are the pursuits that make you happy? Meaning? Contentment?
  • What features do these activities share?
  • What irritates you?
  • What motivates you?

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Take Out Time To Pause And Breathe

Living with intention entails showing kindness and patience while allowing yourself to make mistakes. Sometimes life can feel too much to handle. It may feel like you are going through the motions since balancing everything on your list can be challenging. 


You might sometimes want to get through the day as quickly as possible so you can unwind and tune out. 

Find a community where you meet like-minded people who help you grow and find your life’s purpose.

  • Set aside time to leave your work behind and take a short walk outside. 
  • Make time for a catch-up phone call with an old buddy.
  • In addition, listening to meditations that teach self-compassion can be beneficial, especially when it seems impossible to practice it.

Use whichever method you find most effective to be reminded to breathe and slow down. Reconnect with the motivation pulling you ahead.

Use A Journal Or Habit Tracker To Live and plan your day consciously

Thinking about living is one thing, but actually putting it into practice and leading a more thoughtful, conscious life is quite another. However, a journal might be helpful if you’re trying to live more intentionally but need assistance getting started. 

For example, start incorporating small habits like journaling your daily routine if you write down your beliefs and some actions you can take to live more deliberately in your journal and monitor your progress.

You can also use a habit tracker to track your new habits or eliminate the old ones. It will help you stay motivated and consistent.

Surprise Gift: Here’s a printable habit tracker for you.

How to use it:

  1. Download the habit tracker.
  2. Write the date and week of the month you’re using it.
  3. In the habits section, write your habits.
  4. Tick or fill the circle every day to keep track.

Love From Your Coach


Intentional living is a great approach to adding meaning to your life and upholding your moral principles, but it takes time. You can’t suddenly wake up one day and decide to live a more aware life. Instead, you must decide to improve yourself by taking responsibility for your actions, decisions, outcomes, failures, and successes.

You must also have faith in the higher power and believe that whatever happens, happens for your higher good.

Once you have understood your purpose, you can help others find theirs.


Like I did and a thousand other students of my Million Dollar Coach Training program. It’s a place where you will get a glimpse of the transformational journey you will go through to become a million-dollar coach from scratch in 10 weeks.

Also, there are many more advantages that come from living an intentional life than I could describe. Living intentionally improves every aspect of your life, including family, friends, job, hobbies, health, and spirituality.

Once you make it a lifestyle, you’ll quickly notice how much of a difference purposeful living can make in your life if you put the above suggestions into action.


1. What does living with intention sound like?

Living with purpose means leading a more well-balanced, meaningful life. In addition, it indicates that your efforts are beneficial to you and aligned towards your betterment.

2. What are the affirmations for living your best life?
  • I am on purpose.
  • I am growing into my fullest self.
  • I love focusing on what I love.
  • I am getting clear about what I want and what I don’t want.
  • I am hungry to grow and reach the next level of joy and abundance.
3. What does having a life purpose mean?

The main driving forces behind your existence—the motivations behind getting out of bed each morning—make up your life purpose. A feeling of purpose can control behavior, shape goals, provide a sense of direction, and give life meaning.