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After touching the lives of more than 30000 people by using positive psychology, I have realized that one thing common in every transformation journey of your life is “SELF-LOVE”.

Whether you want to heal your relationship, health, or any of the aspects of your life, self-love can be the biggest driver of your healing journey.

It is like a seed of a tree upon which you have to grow your high-vibration thoughts that can heal your life in a true sense. 

So what is this magic of Self-love?

First, let’s work on removing the wrong perception people generally have about self-love. It is not about narcissism, selfishness, or arrogance.

And, no, it’s also not just limited to doing skincare, wearing good clothes, putting on make-up, or giving a makeover to your outer appearance. 

Self-love is about accepting yourself as you are, loving yourself unconditionally & forgiving all the past mistakes you have made gracefully to change them. 

One of my students told me, “Mam, you don’t know what you have done to me. You made me connect with my true self.”

Self-love is the journey of finding yourself, finding the answers to questions like who you are from within, and what you want to do in your life. 

It is about enjoying yourself from within while making your life worthwhile and fruitful.

Let’s understand why self-love is so important.


The Power Of Self Love

You might have heard that love is the most powerful feeling in the universe, and it’s proven time and again that one feeling that is very high in vibration is “love”.

When you cultivate this high vibration feeling of self-love, you become a magnetic match to attract everything that you desire very fast.

Here is a glance at how practicing self-love helps you manifest your dreams into reality:

1. Boost Confidence In You

Self-love helps you heal your personality, and it boosts your confidence in every area of life—from work to relationships to your physical appearance.

When you believe in yourself and love yourself, everything starts falling into place. 

You start enjoying life more, and that makes you happier and more confident than ever!

2. Gives You the Right Direction In Your Life

If you are clumsy with your thoughts and have a dilemma in your life, self-love can sort it all.

When you start trusting yourself enough you realize that there are plenty of resources out there to help you and guide you on the right path.

You realize that you are leaving all your negative thoughts and inviting a more clear vision for your life.

3. Self-love nurtures healthy relationships

When you love yourself, you can’t help but treat others with the same kindness, respect and appreciation—and they reciprocate the same.

The relationship you have with others is a reflection of how you treat yourself. So if you feel that people don’t understand you, respect you, or love you the way you desire, then maybe this is something you need to do for yourself first.

The key to healthy relationships is having a comfortable relationship with yourself. And that starts with self-love.

4. Self-Love Is The Key To Abundance

When you shift your vibration from negativity, overthinking, and scarcity to joy, acceptance, and relaxation

You start attracting an abundance of money, health, happiness, resourcefulness, and everything that you want to manifest.

As I said above love, has a superior level of vibrations, so when you love yourself you attract everything and sometimes even better than you have ordered to the universe.

5. Make You More Attractive as an Individual

When you pamper yourself & treat yourself kindly, you feel you are more calm, relaxed, and lovable to everyone.

Self-love gives you the reasons to smile, get happy, and be joyful on your own, because when you are filled with happiness and joy then only you can pour that energy into others.

I can go on and on and on about telling you the benefits of showering yourself with immense love, but I will stop right here. Because I have something more important to tell you…

How to practice self-love effortlessly

If you want to transform your life magically you have to make consistent efforts with a wholehearted belief system.

You have to take charge of your life by conditioning your mind in the way that works for you.

The biggest myth that people have about self-love is that they have to spare a big chunk of time from their daily routine to practice it.

But let me simplify it for you – I practice self-love every day. It has changed my life in unimaginable ways. And I have realized that you can practice self-love daily, without even altering your schedule.

And here’s the list of 8 simple ways I practice self-love effortlessly and make it a natural habit –

1. Accept Yourself

Self-love is a joyful ride of being you.

If you blame yourself for everything happening around you, criticize yourself, and don’t feel good about yourself, you have to stop it right now!

By doing this you are attracting more scarcity, inferior feelings, and anger. This is not how you can make your life joyful when you are not happy within.

So the first step in self-love is to accept yourself as you are. Stop complaining and comparing yourself with others and start embracing every inch of yourself with all your highs and lows.

2. Stop Overthinking

Do you know every thought has its vibration?

So knowingly or unknowingly when you give attention to one particular thought you attract more of it in your life.

You have to stop worrying about everything unnecessarily running into your mind. 

Understand this: Your thoughts are like guests who come and go. And you are the host who decides how long you want to entertain such guests. If any thought seems unpleasant, simply stop putting your energy towards it.

It would seem difficult initially but you have to consciously monitor your thoughts and start making a habit of being an observer and not get affected by negative thoughts.

3. Do Affirmations Consistently

Affirmations are crucial for self-love. Because the story you tell yourself determines the reality you manifest. And your mind, by default, has a habit of listening to low-vibration stories more, instead of positive ones. 

Affirmations help you change your inner talk and reprogram your mind to believe that you are worthy of achieving everything you desire.

Here is the list of affirmations you can do consistently and shift the vibrations of your thought.

  • I love myself; I love my body; I love my mind; I love who I am.
  • I am unaffected by the judgment of others.
  • I am perfect just the way I am.
  • I can do anything I set my mind to.
  • I am on my way to becoming the best version of myself.

You can make your affirmations based on your current situation as well.

4. Be kind, Gentle, and Have Patience

You might have experienced that when you are in a good mood you treat everyone so kindly and deal with the situations patiently.

How easily every hardship of life just vanishes when we have the right attitude towards dealing with things.

Likewise, you have to train your mind in such a way that it remains calm, composed, and under your control even when things are going wrong.

And this starts with you understanding your patterns, healing your past traumas, and reconnecting with your innerself.  

5. Deal With Resistance

When you practice self-love, it’s natural to feel some resistance to changing your belief system or habits. It’s a good sign that your mind is in the process of throwing out the weed and nurturing the new beliefs into your system.

Let it come, just monitor it and let go of your thoughts by practicing meditation and relaxation.

Within a few days, you will realize your belief system has changed and gradually your life has changed. So bear with it.

6. Relax and Be Calm

Relaxation and calmness are the roots of happiness and joy. Unless you are not relaxed from within you can not practice self-love.

And breathe-work plays a major role in this. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or heavy with emotions, just sit in silence by closing your eyes and breathe in and breathe out. 

Just let go of all your worries with a breath-out sound.

You can do the breathe-work anytime, anywhere.

7. Do Meditation

Meditation is a very good practice of self-love. It can speed up your journey of recoiling with yourself.

Don’t misunderstand the concept of meditation. It is not about avoiding thinking but it is about monitoring your thoughts and letting go of them.

When you are in a state of meditation your mind gives you the answers you are looking for, it guides you on the right path. And even if it doesn’t, it gives you a sense of calmness and clarity that later on helps you reach the right conclusion.

If you are a part of my programs, you can find easy meditation techniques and tips that you can practice as a beginner. 

8. Take Care Of Your Body

Last but not least you have to take care of your body. Before conditioning your mind with the right thoughts you have to start with the right care of your body.

When your body feels nice and pleasant, your mind automatically starts thinking positively. 

You have to take care of what you are consuming in your body. 

You have to make your body comfortable in every situation, you can also start exercising and doing yoga.

These 8 rules of self-love can heal yourself and your life if you follow them seriously and consistently.

Have patience with the process because the universe has its timing. Just let your burden be handled by the universe and free yourself from all the expectations and worries.

Love From Your Coach


Self-love is a powerful thing. It can change your life, and it can change the world—or at least your corner of the galaxy.

It’s easy to take for granted how much our self-worth is. But the truth is, you are worthy of it because you are the most important part of the whole universe. You are the star that shines for everyone else to see, and you’re here to do your best for you, not just for them.

I hope my thoughts will help you in the journey of finding yourself.


1. What is the difference between self-love and selfishness?

Selfishness is just thinking about oneself and not being worried about anyone else but self-love gives you the understanding of respecting and loving others by accepting everything within you and around you.

2. Does self-love help in the law of attraction?

Yes, as I said above the feeling of love is very high in vibration and when you attract something with higher vibration it manifests very fast. That is how self-love helps in the law of attraction.

3. How can we manifest self-love?

We can manifest self-love by doing affirmations consistently and accepting 

ourselves as a whole. Just take inspired actions every day that makes you feel good about yourself, no matter how big or small. Talk to friends, go out with family, work on a hobby, go for a walk, exercise, make someone happy – you can do anything to boost self-love in your life.