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Oh, my dear, I hear you.

You have been doing everything you can to make your dreams a reality.

Vision Board? Check! 

Affirmations each day? Check! 

Visualization? Check! 

You might even be binge-watching manifestation videos on YouTube, by the way! 

Like, you actually practice the Law of Attraction! You have faith in this!

Still, why is it not working perfectly?

You’re meant to think positively and attract good things to yourself, right?

But now you have this increasing sense of irritation even after following all the rules.


Perhaps my dreams are simply not meant to be.

I fully understand when the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working, it’s very upsetting because you just feel hopelessly stuck.

You’re not getting what you want out of the Law of Attraction. 

That’s why I have noted the 8 Law of Attraction mistakes most people make and how to fix them entirely.

Your first step here is to identify your mistakes.

8 Common Law Of Attraction Mistakes You  Might Be Doing

Knowing these Law of Attraction pitfalls to avoid will drastically improve your ability to manifest, regardless of how long you’ve been working on it or how recently you’ve started learning to do so.

1. Holding On To Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs that limit your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in some way or another are called limiting beliefs. These opinions are frequently established in your early years due to unpleasant incidents or experiences. 

To protect us from additional pain at that specific time, our subconscious mind fabricates restricting beliefs, but these ideas frequently persist for years to come.

How To Fix It:

Because they may be working against the same thing you are trying to attract into your life, these limiting beliefs may prevent you from manifesting what you desire. For instance, if you cling to the idea that you’re bad with money, you’ll never be able to manifest a life of financial freedom.

The easiest method to eliminate a limiting thought is to swap it out with a new, helpful one.

For example, instead of thinking you’re wrong with money, believe that you have a fantastic relationship with money, and it flows effortlessly to you.

2. You Are Focused On The Results

This, in my opinion, is the biggest Law of Attraction mistake that almost all of us make now or have made in the past while trying to manifest our desires. It can be challenging to distance yourself from something when you want to work on manifesting it. 

Because of this, we frequently become fixated on the result rather than relishing the journey there. This type of result obsession leads to feelings of desperation and unintentionally breeds resistance to our desire’s manifestation.

How To Fix It:

We must practice letting go if we want to manifest our desires successfully. Practice detachment and letting go of your manifestation instead of pointlessly obsessing over it as the answer.

3. Manifesting Too Much At Once

As I teach in my 30 Days Rise N Shine Manifestation Club, getting clear on what you want is the first step in manifesting anything. Knowing exactly what you want to manifest will enable you to experience it emotionally and draw it into your life. 

How To Fix It:

Your energy will be scattered if you try to manifest too many things at once; as a result, you might not be able to manifest any of them. So you should concentrate your efforts instead and seek one thing at a time. By doing so, you can set aside time and space to practice your manifestation strategies and draw your desired outcomes into your life.

4. Doubting The Process

Even though many individuals are skeptics of the Law of Attraction, they experiment with it since they believe there is no risk in doing so. You’ll only attract additional circumstances that confirm your doubt if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction operates exactly like this. Doubt is another emotion that emits unfavorable energy into the universe. 

How To Fix It:

It’s critical to deliberately change your attitude from doubt to belief if you genuinely want to create what you want. Put your doubts aside and have faith in the procedure. Keep in mind that faith in a higher source is the foundation of all spiritual practices, including manifestation.

5. Resisting Change and New Chances

This is not limited to your manifestation only. If you reject other changes in your life, you can believe that you are ready to welcome your manifestation without understanding it. Accepting change will help you develop and get closer to your goals. 

You never know which chances will serve as milestones on the path to your realization. You are reducing your potential by turning down new opportunities.

How To Fix It:

Increase your use of the word “yes” and learn to embrace new chances, even when they don’t exactly fit your original plans. Be more willing to accept life’s flow and live in the here and now. Try to develop a sense of wonder about the direction the universe is taking you, and investigate fresh possibilities with a desire to learn and grow.

6. Not Taking Inspired Actions

The idea that you can simply think about what you want and it will manifest, is a frequent fallacy regarding manifesting. But nothing functions that way; it never does. So you must be prepared to take the initiative to meet the Universe halfway if you want to manifest something.

These activities today don’t even have to be significant. So it’s acceptable to move slowly.

How To Fix It:

You can employ spiritual practices, such as stating I Am affirmations, praying to the universe, or requesting guidance using affirmation cards and completing practical actions to boost your energy. The most important factor in this situation is that you must perform these tasks from a position of energy alignment, which implies that you should feel good while carrying them out. Aligned actions must be easy, confident, and nearly effortless.

7. You Don’t Align Your Desire With Your Higher Purpose

The terrible truth is that you’re not likely to manifest your desires if you choose to do so and they aren’t in line with your higher purpose. Therefore, you must take the time to understand your mission and what aligns with it if you want to manifest.

By doing this, you’ll be able to switch from manifesting things with no real meaning to those that genuinely make you feel happy.

How To Fix It:

Understanding your purpose needs a high level of self-awareness and intuition building. Thus it can be challenging to get through this mistake.

8. Lack of Gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation are two important stages to take to manifest your desires. Unfortunately, you are living in a condition of lack when you are not appreciative of what you already have. This emits manipulative and needy energy that isolates you from the universe’s supportive presence.


How To Fix It:

This is why it’s so crucial to actively try to be grateful for what you do have at the moment. You boost your vibratory frequency and make yourself more receptive to the universe’s loving instruction whenever you show gratitude for something. You can attract more of what you already have by showing gratitude for it.

Love From Your Coach


Self-awareness is the most crucial factor in human development, and your Law of Attraction practice is no different.

You won’t be able to recognize when you’re living out of harmony and what you can do to make things right if you go through life not paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

You can start living more consciously and manifesting more easily after learning to know yourself better.

Even though it hurts, keep examining your inner workings and doing shadow work.

Which of these Law of Attraction mistakes are you now committing?

I’m interested in hearing your opinions down there.


1. How does the law of attraction work? What is it?

The idea is that our thoughts’ energy, whether positive or negative, draws experiences with the same energy (or manifest). “Like attracts like” sums up the idea in most cases.

2. Can the Law of Attraction be used to attract a certain person?

Once you transform into the person you want to become and bring that into your physical world, the law of attraction works to attract that particular individual. So own those traits first if you’re going to attract someone who values love, respect, admiration, loyalty, trust, and understanding.

3. What is the law of attraction techniques?
  • Make a vision board
  • Start journaling
  • Say positive affirmations
  • Give the pillow method a try
  • Go outside the box
  • Surround yourself with positivity
  • Practice the 369 manifestation method
  • Walk the walk.

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