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Are you tired of hopping from one manifestation technique to another just to realize that nothing is working out for you? Well, your search ends here because in this article I am uncovering 4 best manifestation techniques with you that actually work along with their application.


But, before that, there is something that I want you to remember –

“The secret to manifestation doesn’t rely on techniques, it relies on how you think, feel and act from within. What you feel is exactly what you get in life. Techniques are just tools that help you in aligning your intention with the frequency of what you desire in a more organized and consistent way. But what truly matters is inside you. So make sure you focus more on changing that.”

Now, without beating around the bush, let me dive straight into

Manifestation techniques that can really help you in manifesting your desires to life –

 1. Ho’oponopono

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

These 4 simple sentences of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, Ho’oponopono, are all that you need to heal your traumas, forgive yourself for all the past mistakes that make you feel miserable, take full responsibility for whatever is happening in your life, switch on to an ultimate gratitude mode for everything you have and just get ready with higher vibrations to receive your deepest desires.

Health, wealth, relationship, career, job, business, parents, kids, spouse – you name it and you can heal it – that’s how powerful and miraculous this prayer is. 


This is the simplest technique of manifestation when it comes to the application as it doesn’t require any specific time or occasion. You may chant it whenever you feel a surge of negative or heavy emotions around you. 

All you need to know is what/who you are praying for to heal your relationship with it. And then just repeat the 4 sentences following with the name of your focus. You can mention specific sentences to make your prayer clear and ask for forgiveness for specific areas. 

For eg, if you want to heal your relationship with money, you may chant the following script:


I have seen Ho’oponopono working its magic in my life and 1000s of other lives who I have coached. I have created an in-depth article on Ho’oponopono where I have talked about its origin, why it’s so popular, and the right way to practice it. Check it out! 

And if you want to master the art of practicing Ho’oponopono and experience ultimate healing, you can join me in the 6-week Quantum Ho’oponopono Healing program. Explore the details here.

 2. Water Manifestation

We all know how 70% of our body is filled with water, and how water absorbs literally everything –

shape, size, color, odor, taste – EVERYTHING.

The same goes for energies as well. The law of energy says that everything beneath the sky is energy, and even your words, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions radiate some kind of energy.

So think about it –

If you’re saying “I’m good for nothing”, “I’m useless”, “I can’t achieve my goal”, “I hate him”, or “Bad things happen to me”, you’re radiating negative energy which the water inside your body is absorbing.

You’re tuning in to a low frequency and hence attracting things that are negative and almost opposite to what you actually desire.

Instead, do this –

  • Tune into a high frequency,
  • Pivot negative emotions into positive ones,
  • Take inspired actions
  • And surrender to the universe,

And this POWERFUL WATER TECHNIQUE will help you fast-track the process.


  • Write down your goals/positive affirmations on a piece of paper
  • Stick it into the water bottle that you use every day (you may use any other container/glass too),
  • Drink that water, bless yourself every time, and thank the universe for all that you have

The water in the container will absorb the positive energy of your words and thoughts and when you drink that water, you’ll take the highest frequency inside you directly through it.

If you want to see how it can be done, I recently posted a video about it on my Instagram. Check it out & start implementing the technique today itself!

 3. Detachment

It’s less of a technique and more of an act that you choose to do consciously in order to detach yourself from the desperate feelings of achieving what you want. 

Most people think that manifesting a desire requires a 24*7 reminder because “like attracts like” and hence they keep chasing their goals in everything they do. While the reality is that the more you let go, the more you get closer to your dreams. 

When you detach yourself from the outcome and completely surrender to the universe, believing that all that is happening is for your higher good and the universe only brings the best of what you deserve, that’s when true magic starts happening in your life.


Letting go of the dream that you have been holding on to all these years and eagerly waiting to come true seems daunting at first. You might even ask yourself “how can I let go of this dream”. And that’s where gratitude comes to the rescue. 

When you hold on to your desire, you somehow send a signal to your brain that there is still something that is missing in your life. Gratitude helps you switch from the state of scarcity to the state of abundance. 

Every day when you wake up, remind yourself of all the things that make your life beautiful. Your relationships, parents, food, home, clothes, friends, colleagues, technology, vehicle, phone, laptop, kids – when you will start counting every blessing, you will forget the need of adding more to your life in order to be happy.

4. Embodiment

With detachment comes embodiment. On one hand, where you detach yourself from the future outcome, on the other hand, you embody that future outcome into your present life – as if you already have what you desire RIGHT NOW.

Imagine how that version of you would be if he/she has all things that you want right now. There is a thin line between present and future, and that is exactly where all the manifestation happens. 

The universal law says that whatever you want is already yours in some parallel reality. That your goals are not outside of you. And all that you have right now is your present. 

What you need to do is raise your vibration, tap into your main character’s energy, and connect with your soul in order to uncover higher experiences. 

And when you start waking up as the person who already has what you want, you push your mind into believing that your life is perfectly aligned, overpowering all limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. This way, you automatically shift your energy into a higher pedestal and become a magnet to attract your life goals.


The more specific you are, the better will be the act of embodiment. Get into tiny details. Ask yourself how would you feel if you had 2lakh/month income or a healthy relationship with your partner. How would you dress up, how would you show up, how would you talk, what would be your choices, how would you make friends, what kind of people you would have around – and then, write everything down and start showing up as that version. 

Remember, it won’t happen overnight. But with consistent inspired actions, you will be able to quantum leap into your dream life effortlessly. 

Love From Your Coach


All manifestation techniques are just a tool for bringing your chaotic mind into order, reconnecting you with how you truly feel, and shifting your thoughts from scarcity to abundance in your present life.

You still need to do the inner work, heal your traumas, move past your limiting beliefs and break the years-long negative pattern. It could be procrastination, sadness, loss, scarcity mindset, fear, or anything else that you may have experienced in your life. 

Remember, you are the hero in your manifestation journey, tools are just supporting characters.

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1. Why is my manifestation not showing up?

There is no specific time to how or when your manifestation will show up. The idea of to just do what is under your control and leave the rest to the universe. Whatever happens, will be the best for you. If not this, definitely something better will be coming on your way.

2. How many manifestation techniques are there?

There are many techniques that people have been using for years. The most widely used ones include scribing, visualization, affirmations, vision boards, 369 methods, 55*5, Ho’oponopono, journaling, etc. 

3. How many times should I do manifestation?

Manifestation is an ongoing process. You cannot put a start or end to doing it. All that you see in your life is the result of your thoughts that you have manifested knowingly or unknowingly. The idea is to manifest consciously by taking control of your thoughts, reprogramming your belief system, and understanding your subconscious patterns. If you want to learn how to manifest mindfully, you can join me in the 30-day journey of mastering the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. Click here to get more details.