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Freedom is the happiest feeling in the universe. When you are free from your fears, past traumas, anxiety, and all the debts you have, you feel joyful and relaxed and your life becomes more balanced.

Likewise, financial freedom is the feeling of abundance where your mindset reflects that powerful energy as high vibration thoughts, inner peace, and happiness. Where money never becomes an obstacle to living your dream life.

But how to reshape your dream life from the current ground where you have scarcity, unbalanced life, lack of money and resources? The answer is by reprogramming the subconscious mind

If you are here, you may already know that it’s the right mindset that takes you from rags to riches.


Just 2 years ago. I was stuck in an INR 20 lac/year cycle. Now I make the same every month! I quantum leaped into a monthly 7-figure life. But how could I make it possible? 

It’s not just about how much you make, it’s actually about the mindset that you carry behind every tiny activity you do in a day.

But to unlock limitless wealth right away you need to start by shifting your mindset because you deserve an abundant life.

And before I spill any more tea about millionaire mind secrets, I want you to know what exactly these shifts look like.

4 Money Mindset Shifts To Unlock Limitless Wealth Right Away:-

There are two types of people:-

  1. The ones who always blame money and feel that money is the reason behind their stress, fear & limitation.
  2. The ones who respect money and feel that money solves their problems, and empowers them to change lives & live generously.

The second half of people may not always have huge numbers in their bank accounts, yet they feel so comfortable, confident, and powerful when it comes to money and wealth.

Why is that so?

“Because the way you think about money defines the role it plays in your life.”

Think about it and start working on these 4 money mindset shifts which are a prerequisite to building a millionaire mindset –

From The Scarcity Mindset That ThinksTo The Abundance Mindset That Thinks
I’m not good with moneyI get along pretty confidently with money.
I can never pay off my debts.My self-worth is always high despite the number in my bank.
More money = More greed = More problemsMoney brings enormous opportunities & freedom to my life
I’m not (smart /privileged /worthy /etc) enough to have more money.I love to learn about managing, investing, & saving my money.

I hope you might have understood by now what is that shift you have to bring in your thought process to implement millionaire mind secrets to achieve financial freedom.

Let’s dive directly into those 10 secrets of the millionaire mind that helped me and thousands of my students to achieve financial freedom.

10 Millionaire Mind secrets:-

1. The Universe Serves You What You Can Handle

The abundance of money occurs when you demonstrate to the universe that you can handle your finances properly.

It is a universal law, that until you value the money you possess now, you are not eligible to have the wealth of your dreams. 

You have to handle your finances appropriately, you should have gratitude for wealth and resources that have been serving you for the past many years. 

This will help you to have the right attitude and vibrational match toward the abundance you are going to receive in the future.

 2. Clear Vision is the Power

The reason why you often don’t get what you want is that you don’t know what you want.

You are always in a dilemma regarding your wishes, needs, desires, and dreams. And this may seem like a common thing, but it can lower your vibration of thoughts if you can not depict your dreams in a precise way.

If you want a clear vision you need to have that silence within to understand what your deepest desires are. More importantly, you need to ponder over WHY you want what you want. This will give you a clear picture and help you embody the emotions and energy that your higher self would possess if you had everything. 

You can also practice meditation to remove the noise and get clarity. Once you get clear with your vision, you can write it down, or build a vision board that will help you to be aligned with your dreams and manifest them into reality.

3. What You Focus on, it Grows

The mind is a very powerful tool. What it focuses on determines what you discover in your life. If you keep focusing on things you don’t want, you will attract more of that into your life.

The mind wanders on so many thoughts consciously or unconsciously. It’s favorite pastime is to think about the past and more about what it didn’t get. And thus, unconsciously, these low vibration thoughts attract more failures and more bad experiences.

You have to make a habit of conscious thinking so that your mind can focus on what is important to you, and on what your desires are so that you can work on them.

When you will focus on your goals you’ll come across fresh ideas, you’ll see new opportunities around you and this will gradually help you cultivate a millionaire mindset.

4. Declutter the Negativity and Resistance

A change always takes time. When you build new beliefs, resistance is a natural fallout of your mind because you are conditioned with those thoughts for many years.

But with the right mindset, you can build a barrier to all your negative thoughts and resistance. You don’t have to panic when you have those worrisome thoughts, just let them come and chant some affirmations to get back into that high vibration feeling.

You can chant the powerful and magical Hawaiian prayer Ho’oponopono to deal with all your negative vibrations. It will just energize you and your thoughts with pure positivity.

5. The Growth Is In Your Wisdom

Millionaires are inclined towards consistent growth and consistent learning. They know the power of their wisdom, they know it’s their knowledge and awareness that brings abundance to them.

Financial freedom is not an overnight game that you can win without any investment of knowledge. You have to bring that right approach to learning.

When you stop learning you stop growing and so you can not expect a rise in your wealth.

All millionaires follow the process of becoming a better version of themselves every day with consistent hard work. You also have to go through that process patiently.

6. Happiness Is The Best Supporting Root Of Money

Fear, anger, negativity, and jealousy hamper the abundance you attract in your life.

Ultimately it is happiness that you are going to achieve with financial freedom. 

The millionaire mindset secrets has roots in love, support, forgiveness, compassion, modesty, and the purpose of serving people with their work. They feel happy every day, they have that enthusiasm and passion in their actions. They don’t put conditions on finding their joy in life. 

And that’s what makes them a strong magnet to abundance!

7. Abundance Comes From Selflessness

The biggest characteristic of rich people is that their massive wealth is to help others to add value to their lives.

They use money as a resource to serve others. Most of them make donations to charity. They work hard, earn well and serve people.

It’s not the amount that you put into charity, but the intention with which you do it. When you think for others selflessly and help them, the universe serves you with endless abundance.

So build the mindset to help others, it could be with your money or energy. But you have to build a selfless mindset to attract abundance.

8. Surround Yourself with the Right Mindset

“Rich people earn money to win, poor people earn money not to lose”.

If you are surrounded by people who constantly complain or feel financially stuck and live their life with the same orthodox thoughts, it’s going to affect you and your mindset as well. 

Change your circle immediately and shift your attention to the right kind of mentality in order to raise your vibrational energy.

Surround yourself with successful people, and adopt their habits and mindset to experience that boost in your life as well.

9. Rich People Do What Average People Won’t

Rich people maintain a healthy routine. They utilize their spare time by investing in activities that add value. They wake up on time, eat healthy, think wisely, and lead a disciplined life.

Why is everyone not a millionaire? The reason is that it takes a lot of effort whether it is about mindset or taking actions. It requires strategic action, time management, and a consistent daily routine.

Here the average person loses the game. Your goal and passion should be so strong that they do not let you sit calmly until achieved. 

10. Never Give Up Attitude

All successful people have one thing in common they never give up, no matter what life throws at them. They always have a positive attitude towards their problems.

The essence of a truly abundant life is finding balance in every situation. When you deal with the problems with positivity and never giving up attitude, you become more courageous and powerful. 

Setbacks and failures are a part and parcel of life but your journey doesn’t end here. It means that you have to work more on yourself. 

Instead of focusing on hurt, start focusing on lessons that failures bring. Analyse what went wrong, and where else you could do better. 

Remember, it’s better to take action and fail rather than take no action at all. 

Love From Your Coach


Never expect success and abundance overnight.

Every star has a gleaming journey. A millionaire is never afraid to be on that transforming journey.

So don’t be fascinated by the results, and don’t compare yourself with others. Cultivate the right mindset and relish every high and low of your journey.


1. How to manifest money?

You can manifest money by releasing your money blocks. The 3 things which are important to understand about money are:-

  • Money is energy
  • Money is meant to flow freely
  • Money demands respect not fear
2. What are the affirmations to build a money mindset?
  • I am the master of my own money.
  • I am already wealthy in so many different ways.
  • I am thankful for the abundance that’s coming to me.
  • I attract opportunities that create more money.
  • Money doesn’t control my happiness or worth.
  • I am financially free. Money loves me.
3. How much time does it take to build a millionaire mindset?

It depends on your efforts, and how consistently you work on your mind and adopt the right mindset to achieve financial freedom. The mind understands the stepwise process and repetition of things. So focus on building a powerful millionaire mindset routine and follow it regularly. And if you need expert guidance, you can join my 21-Day Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp where I will help you do just that.