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Have you ever wondered about these questions:

  • What should you do with your life? 
  • How do you get out of the vicious rut of your unfulfilling 9to5 job? 
  • How to find your true calling and purpose? 
  • How to get clarity on what you want? 
  • How to serve people and help them grow with your skills? 
  • How to impact someone’s life and be of use to them? 
  • How to let go of your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs?

Most importantly, how to become the dream version of yourself who has achieved everything that you dream of today?

Read along because I am gonna tell you what you are missing out on right now in order to achieve all that I stated above…

The coaching sector has experienced tremendous growth during the last ten years. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) estimates roughly 71,000 coaches worldwide.

However, there is a murky aspect of coaching: 

Is this treatment?

What does life coaching entail?

How can you tell if life coaching is effective?

Will coaching change your life for the better?

My Journey as a Certified Life Coach (Life Coach Shilpa Singh)

This happened to me too, when my coach and I started working together in 2019. I wasn’t sure what to anticipate when I started working with my coach. And to be honest, I didn’t have any defined objectives. 

All I had was great plans that the life coach would change my life, he’ll transform everything, etc. I didn’t know how to pinpoint my areas for improvement properly or where to concentrate on my personal growth.

If you, too, think the same, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

I still remember the first time I went to my life coach. I attended the session for a while and waited for him to give me some tools or techniques, and, just like that, make me experience a new life.

But it wasn’t like that at all. 

So, to help you never come across a situation like this, here’s a brief about what we, life coaches, do and don’t do.

Who Are Life Coaches?

To succeed in life, people want guidance. A life coach will encourage and assist you without criticizing or pretending to be interested. They will help you with your relationships, job, health goals, communication skills, debt, and spirituality, among other things, to help you reach your full professional, personal, and financial potential.

Life mentors are experts at employing the techniques needed to achieve goals. Their job would include helping you identify the obstacles that have prevented you from accomplishing your goals and then providing support as you do so. They have a lot of experience overcoming obstacles and completing tasks by themselves.

Because most life coaches offer sessions over the phone or online, if in-person sessions are not possible, working with one might be a simple and practical option. Your initial sessions may be longer or more frequent as your coach gets to know you. They will help you clarify your goals and establish a structured plan to help you reach them by asking clarifying questions designed to reveal any hidden knowledge or deep aspirations.

Your life coach will encourage you to keep on your path to success, hold you accountable, and give you an extra push when you need it during less regular meetings once some initial progress has been made.

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What Does A Life Coach Do?

According to the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, which PwC Research also carried out, over 89% of Indians are aware of life coaching, and approximately 59% have collaborated with a life coach. Of those who have, 97% are satisfied with the experience. “The Indian life coaching market is expanding quickly. ICF membership in India has grown by 150% over the past five years, from 249 members in June 2013 to 622 members in June of this year.

1. Gives Direction And Clarity

Understanding who you are and what you want is the first thing a life coach will want to do. You could have a clear concept of what you want out of life sometimes, and you might not. A life coach might be helpful if you are experiencing discontent or dissatisfaction but are having trouble putting a name to it. 

You might be unable to find blind spots or hidden treasures beneath the surface. Clarity and direction can emerge with a coach’s assistance, guiding you toward a successful, purposefully satisfying life.

2. Helps With Setting Goals

Long-term goals can be particularly challenging to envision when setting personal goals, which can be tough. A life coach can assist you in defining goals by assisting you in understanding your present and long-term aspirations and needs. They may ask you probing questions that help you learn important things about who you are and what you desire from life. They can assist you in staying organized and creating a plan to achieve your goals. 

Making a realistic strategy might occasionally be the most difficult step in reaching goals. Overly ambitious plans can cause you to lose motivation and derail your journey.

3. Works With You In Every Step

You might not achieve your goals as frequently as you want. You might not achieve your goals as frequently as you want. If you falter or experience self-doubt, hiring a life coach will help you get back on track.

You will be held responsible for your goals and more inclined to prioritize them if you speak about them with your life coach. Having a coach you can check in with regularly will help you stay on track with your objectives. You may relax knowing that someone is there to help you stick to your roadmap since they will know it just as well as you do, if not better.

4. Help Deal With Self Sabotaging Behaviour

Negative people frequently gravitate toward others with strong reactions—individuals who readily extend sympathy and become indignant or insulted. People take note of and learn from what you do more than what you say. 

A life coach helps you and teaches you how to deal patiently for as long as you can and react as coolly as possible with a straightforward statement of the truth.

5. Heal Your Traumas

When I say to heal your traumas, it doesn’t mean that life coaches have a wand to move around you and you’ll be free from your past. Rather, a life coach understands your present and past to evaluate how this started and what impact it has on you.

A life coach can help you deal with your childhood traumas, adult insecurities, and other limiting beliefs pulling you back. 

6. You Get To Meet The Real You

For many people, knowing who you are and what you want from life—and creating objectives to make that reality—can be accomplished without the support of a life coach; nevertheless, a coach can help you get those outcomes more quickly.

It’s time to pursue your goals in life. Consider working with a life coach if you have trouble reaching your objectives. Working with a life coach may better define your objectives, develop a strategy to attain them, receive support, and reach your full potential.

Love From Your Coach

Everyone will benefit from life coaching! 

As was already mentioned, a life coach can be beneficial whether you’re feeling upbeat or depressed. Fortunately, acknowledging that we require a specialist’s help can be liberating. Once we realize this, our trip will be significantly more fruitful, and we will accomplish our goals more quickly.

For instance, we might be able to hike up a mountain on our own if we go on vacation and wish to do so. However, if we utilize a map, we’ll find that we can do so without taking any wrong turns, that we’ll feel safer on our journey (enjoy a sense of empowerment), and that we’ll understand more about the route we’re taking, where we’ve been, and where we’re heading.

This demonstrates that everyone may gain from working with a life coach and enjoy the advantages of having more direction in their lives.

Also, accepting a professional’s advice can help us overcome our fears of discussing our issues, thoughts, or feelings. It can also help us realize the easy measures to take.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is investing in a life coach worth it?

While you may undoubtedly work toward your objectives on your own, hiring a coach is worthwhile for some reasons. Having a qualified coach on your side can: Identify the obstacles in your way and provide you with the drive to overcome them. Challenge your presumptions and seek meaning and the truth.

What is required to become a life coach?

A specific degree or level of education is not required to work as a life coach. However, earning your coaching certification from an approved training program—can give you credibility and increase your marketability as a coach. But most importantly, what you require is a skill, calling, and zeal to genuinely help people and make a difference in their life through your work. 

What do life coaches not do?

Life coaching emphasizes the present and building the future that a client wants to attain more than it does in the past. Consultants are not life coaches. A good life coach won’t direct customers’ actions or suggest particular courses depending on their preferences.

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