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I have always heard this about money manifestation from a lot of people who claim, “You’re going to be rich in no time”, “Practice these techniques and make money in 2 days” and so on. 

But let me bust this myth for you. It doesn’t work like that at all!
I know everyone desires to earn money, even I do. After all, you won’t be able to lead a very fulfilled life without it. So, the important question here is: How to manifest money into your life the real way?

Understanding The Money Psychology

Most people live with this mindset where they think that attracting money is very difficult, requires a lot of effort, and is not possible for everyone, but let me tell you a secret.

It’s not as complex as you think. 

It’s the people who make manifesting money complex with their limiting beliefs. Whereas in reality, money is also an energy and just like manifesting other things, your energies are involved with money too.

To channel these energies in the right way, you need to clear your limiting beliefs, get clarity, know what you want, and change your money mindset. Just know that money needs to be treated in a respectful way and money doesn’t demand fear.


Now with this understanding, read further to understand how to attract money using the law of attraction and the steps necessary to operate as the magnet that accelerates this law effectively

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6 Ways To Manifest Money Using The Law Of Attraction


Work on your Limiting Money Beliefs And Wealth Barriers

Are you one of those who carry subconscious wealth blocks and restricting ideas?

Don’t worry you’re not alone, we all are comprised of our ingrained beliefs.

Relocating our lives into a higher stratum is impossible because limiting money ideas keep us in a poor emotional and mental state.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are: 

“I failed before, I’ll fail again,”

“I don’t deserve to be wealthy,” 

“I’m in the wrong industry,” and 

“People like me don’t deserve to succeed.”

You need to replace these thoughts with ones such,

 “I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past.”

“Why wouldn’t I? I deserve abundance just as much as everyone else.”

“I can be wealthy in any sector with the correct skills and imagination.”

“Anything I need to learn to earn the money I want can be learned,”.

A new way of thinking can become ingrained in your life by recognizing your limiting beliefs and reprograming your subconscious mind through techniques like affirmations and visualization.


The most straightforward method accessible for people who desire to alter subconscious beliefs is affirmation. Affirmations work by repeating your new desired belief, which might start to alter your feelings. So even if we are told a lie, if it is repeated often enough, we will start to believe it. (Not that your newly adopted beliefs are false.)

Here are some affirmations for you:

  • I release all resistance to attracting money. I am worthy of positive cash flow.
  • I naturally attract good fortune.
  • I am financially free.
  • My income exceeds my expenses.
  • I am wealthy in more ways than one.
  • Every rupee I spend and donate comes back to me multiplied.
  • I am worthy of all the richness I desire.
  • I have the power to create success and build the wealth I desire.

To help you get out of your reduced vibrational frequency and change your subconscious beliefs.

Imagine Yourself Wealthy

The most enjoyable tool you have to start altering your inner thoughts and attracting more of what you desire is undoubtedly visualization.

Visualization lets you put yourself in the emotional and mental state of having accomplished your goals. In other words, you get to have the experiences you anticipate when achieving your goals.

Even before you get out of bed in the morning, you can feel lively and bountiful.

Imagine having a shower while feeling like a millionaire who lives in a stunning location. Going about daily duties while imagining what it might be like to live this way may be fun and incredibly stimulating.

The mind cannot distinguish between imagined and genuine experiences. However, you can effectively deceive your brain into believing that you are in your ideal scenario by visualizing it in your mind.

If you keep doing this, your subconscious mind will begin to believe that you are the type of person who has plenty and leads a fulfilling life. At this point, the real magic begins.

Start Living Like Your Future Self 

You act as though all of your goals have been attained has significant influence. It is based on the premise that you are as physically and mentally wealthy as you desire. This does not imply that you should immediately start living like a billionaire. However, you can start being more giving with your money.

Instead of always going for the lowest option, you might start to invest in higher-quality items that will last longer. You can behave like a wealthy person by talking, acting, and thinking like one. Furthermore, you will gain the ability to maintain this state and pursue your dreams if you do this.

Additionally, other people will think of you as a confident, assertive individual. This is analogous to confidently moving toward your objective in the physical world before seeing it manifest.

Give Money Away

We are recharging the human spirit when we donate money to others who are less fortunate. Money will leave you if you hoard it.

Instead, use your empathic skills to identify those in need and how you may assist them—for example, offering to pay for groceries in the checkout line for a struggling family in front of you. It could also entail giving your time, which counts as money, to your preferred charity.

Giving to others out of sincere love and compassion creates more space for happiness, which is the foundation of prosperity.

Take Inspired Actions

You might be unsure of the steps you need to take. All of us lack the necessary experience to make something work smoothly when trying to accomplish something we have never experienced before.

Here’s where inspired action is useful.

It would be best if you took action based on the ideas and inspiration that come to you.

When you put yourself in the emotional state of achievement and envision yourself having fulfilled your goals, you are matching the frequency of your desires. Your mind begins to pick up on other things that function within this vibratory framework while you are within this frequency.

If you remain in this mindset, you will naturally experience inspiration and ideas that will help you achieve your goal. You are responsible for maintaining this heightened condition (check in with yourself several times per day), notice your inspired thoughts, and act on them to take the required steps to achieve the desired result.

Love From Your Coach


Here’s the truth – people want money but they don’t want to talk about it. And this habit of treating money as something distant, rare, and exceptional is what takes most of them away from it. 

The law of the universe says what you want is already inside you. All you have to do is tap into your hidden energy and raise your vibration. 

And that happens when you work on your limiting beliefs, change your negative patterns, surpass the blockages and reprogram your mindset in such a way that it starts seeing wealth & abundance as something that’s always easily attainable. 

So, if you want to learn the most powerful money mindset routine and unlock limitless abundance in your life forever, you can join my 21-Day Millionaire Mindset Mastery Bootcamp – a community of 30k+ people and master the art of manifesting money.


1. Can I attract money with the law of attraction?

Yes, you can attract anything using the Law of Attraction. What changes the game is your mindset, beliefs, thoughts, and vibration. Work on them, get over your limiting money blocks, and raise your money energy. There are numerous resources available on the internet to learn about it, but the best way is to hire an expert coach and learn the tried & tested formula. It will always be worth it. 

2. Why do affirmations about money work?

You can alter your views toward money by using affirmations concerned with riches and money. This affects how you interact with and treat money, impacting how you attract and handle money. In addition, affirmations help you develop an attitude of abundance and attraction towards money over time.