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Younger people enjoy nightlife; they are essentially night owls who find comfort and relaxation in the shadows. Unfortunately, the busy daily schedule occasionally drives them into necrophilia, causing them to work into the wee hours of the morning or to go to bed early. 

Youth may be summed up in one word: ambition, precisely, the desire to establish oneself in a particular sector. But pursuing something and yearning for it are two entirely different things. Moreover, in this rat race, quality and hard work alone won’t cut it; one must also abide by some strict guidelines, one of which is getting up early.

Every morning before sunrise, there is a particular time of day called the Brahma-muhurta. Yogis and spiritual practitioners have used this “peak hour” for meditation for thousands of years to kick-start their days and hasten their spiritual development.


Many illnesses can be cured by those who awaken and revitalize themselves in the first pure rays of the sun. The body has its reality. The internal body is at peace with the outside world at the exquisite and fortunate Brahma muhurta. 

When the peacefulness of a new day touches you, it drives away all negative emotions and thoughts. 

This article discusses the importance of rising during the Brahma-muhurta, lists many activities that are best done during this auspicious hour of the morning, and gives some advice on how to change your sleep routine to benefit fully from the morning hours.

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Benefits Of Waking Up At Bhrama Muhurta

There are other advantages to this daily routine besides the magnificent sunrise view and the refreshing wind that greets the day.

1. Sense of Self-Awareness

The finest moment to get the highest knowledge and everlasting happiness is during the Brahma Muhurta. Good thoughts and brilliant ideas flow effortlessly when the environment is peaceful, and the mind is at ease.

2. More Knowledge

For those who want to learn more, Brahma muhurta is the ideal time. The mind is like a blank piece of paper at this time of day and is far more open to learning than any other. To succeed in life, it is also a fantastic time for self-reflection and getting to know your inner self.

3. Mental Strength

The atmosphere is clean, serene, and comforting during Brahma muhurta, and the mind is clear. It allows one to decompress from stress and indulge in activities that one truly enjoys, such as walking, gardening, yoga, meditation, or reading.

4. Health Advantages

Anyone who gets up at this time will see a crucial shift in their improved health, power, and spiritual luster. The toxic, anxious, irritating, and negative impulses are all driven away; instead, people are typically more contemptuous and have a more optimistic outlook on life.


5. Higher Productivity

Those who adhere to the Brahma muhurta routine are more productive. This is because it gives the body a strong energy boost to get through the demanding day. Additionally, early risers are said to be better at making wise decisions, planning, and completing objectives.

6. Healthy Mindset

Your mind has had time to analyze and work through the tension of the previous day in the early morning. A good night’s sleep leaves the mind clear, content, and revived. In contrast, try to concentrate on a mantra in the evening, when your mind is swimming in the feelings and thoughts gathered over the day; this state of mind makes meditation much more effortless.

All this has been experienced by my students in the Rise N Shine Community, where we wake at Brahma Muhurta and do self-uplifting activities. 

If they can, you can do it too by making some changes in your lifestyle. Below are some ways you can implement to wake up during Bhrama Muhurta.

3 Steps To Waking Up Early

Some folks rise early and enjoy the opportunity to see the sunrise. Others struggle. Whatever your sleep patterns are, you can gradually change your routine to take advantage of the benefits of Brahma muhurta.

Here are some pointers for rising early:

1. Create a sleep journal

Making a few notes about the quality of your sleep and how you feel the following day will help you keep track of your progress as you form new habits. We are frequently shocked to learn that getting more sleep doesn’t necessarily result in feeling more rested. Or we might discover that getting less sleep enhances our mental health. You may look back and see your development over time by keeping a record of your sleep in a notebook.

2. Manage the times you go to bed and wake up 

The first step is to go to bed at the same time every night. This aids the normal rhythmic development of your body. Next, spend 30 minutes more in bed. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier if you’ve established a consistent sleeping and waking regimen. You have two options: continue going to bed at the same hour and sleep a little bit less, or go to bed an additional 30 minutes sooner.

3. Consolidate your new routine 

You may need three to four weeks to become used to your new wake time. That’s alright. Don’t exert too much physical or mental effort. Do step #3 again. After you get used to your new wake time, you can put your alarm clock back another 30 minutes. After a further 3–4 weeks of getting used to this wake-up hour, try setting your alarm at a 30-minute later time. Doing this will allow you to get up hours sooner than you did within a few months.

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Love From Your Coach


You can also make a list of your priorities.

Successful people make a detailed schedule of all their tasks before starting their day, so they don’t forget anything. Your million-dollar morning routine should include a to-do list that is quite beneficial.

Sort the items on your list in order of importance, then cross them off as you finish them. Additionally, it will offer you a sense of achievement and keep you motivated.

Create these habits to put yourself on the road to success. Following this million-dollar morning practice may improve your personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency.

I know waking at 4 or 5 am might be daunting. Why not? I was scared, too.

And that’s why, I understand you might have many questions regarding this, so I tried to answer them below.


1. Can I take naps during the day?

Yes. Whenever you feel sleepy, take small power naps. But don’t sleep for more than an hour. You can nap for 15/30/40 mins, or else you’ll feel sleepy and tired.

2. I am an insomniac. How can I deal with this and start waking up early?

The first thing is you have to break the chain. If you sleep late, you’ll wake up late, so change this habit. Try to wake up at 5 am no matter when you sleep. You will feel sleepy for 2-3 days, but that’s how your body will adapt to the habit.

Once you wake up, your body starts feeling tired, and you’ll feel sleepy around 9-10, which will ultimately bring you on track and help you wake up early.

3. How do I start getting good sleep?

Meditate during the day and reduce any gadget use 30-60 minutes before sleeping to get a good sleep.

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