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We all have things we want to “manifest” or bring into our lives, but it’s not always simple to achieve them when you first start. The truth is that while manifestation techniques might be beneficial, the real work lies within. 

There aren’t any manifestation techniques that don’t work, just as there aren’t any techniques that will perform all the jobs for you without your help. Unfortunately, when it comes to manifesting, individuals tend to think that no actual change is necessary on their part, which is not the case. It isn’t related to how often you write stuff down but to the kind of person you think of yourself as.


However, a few techniques at your disposal could be just what you need to start changing your perspective and attracting more of what you desire. 

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So prepare yourself to make a change if you haven’t yet experienced the results you were hoping for.

Because in today’s blog, you’ll learn four new techniques to boost your manifestation process and achieve real results.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Manifestation Techniques To Accelerate Your Manifestation Process

1. Vision Board

A vision board (or dream board) is, in essence, a collection of pictures, thoughts, and quotes that symbolize the objectives you seek to realise and the kind of life you desire. You’ll get a clear picture of your intentions and stay focused if you have your dreams, goals, and affirmations in one spot where you can see them every day.

You can benefit from creating a vision board in numerous ways. It makes sense and makes you remember:

  • Goals you have for your life
  • Your desired level of physical and emotional well-being
  • What you wish to own
  • What kind of person do you hope to become

Health, job, finances, relationships, house, hobbies, personal growth, and travel are just a few topics that can be represented on your vision board. But you are free to add anything significant to you.

You can construct a single board for each element of your life, separate boards for each of these, or a balanced combination of all three (e.g. a family board and a career board). Whatever suits you the most.

2. Affirmations

One of the best methods to bring the power of positivity into your life is by saying affirmations. For example, to manifest their financial abundance, financial objectives, or any other form of manifestation they want to employ in their lives, people use positive affirmations, money affirmations, and any other powerful affirmations they can find. 

Affirmations should be spoken while picturing your desired outcome and without attachment or concern for how challenging it could be to achieve it. They should also be stated with confidence, conviction, and weariness for the manifestation to be released from every fibre of your body.

Ultimately, it all boils down to repetition with affirmations. You must keep saying it out loud to become ingrained in your subconscious. I like to find brief moments throughout the day to fit them in. 

While taking a shower, brushing my teeth, doing the dishes, driving, or standing in line at the grocery store, I repeat them to myself. You’ll get results more quickly the more often you repeat them.

3. Journaling

In a judgment-free environment, you can write your ideas, concerns, and objectives down in a journal. On paper, you can always be authentic. You can also write in a gratitude diary to remind yourself of the things you have to be grateful for or a manifestation journal to concentrate on your future goals.


Additionally, you can review your journal whenever you wish to reflect on your progress and the objectives you’ve attained.

Another option is scripting. It deceives your mind into believing that your goals have already been achieved. In your journal, express your future self’s perspective. Describe how you feel: you’ve won a six-figure salary, landed your dream career, or met your soul mate.

4. The 369 approach

The 369 method, a popular manifestation technique, requires you to write down your manifestation goals:

  • 3 times in the morning, 
  • 6 times in the afternoon, and 
  • 9 times in the evening. 

Then, continue doing this every day for as long as necessary. It sounds so simple, right?

Using this method keeps your objective in mind all day, which is beneficial for reaching your subconscious.

5. Surround yourself with inspiring people.

You may keep a positive outlook by surrounding yourself with supportive and like-minded people. Then, you’ll have a safety net prepared to welcome you with open arms should you mess up or fail. But, of course, that’s preferable to be met with unfavourable vibes.

While having a supportive network is nice, trying too hard to be happy doesn’t work.  There are ups and downs in real life. Valleys and peaks. You may experience anxiety or sadness on some days. You’ll encounter unforeseen difficulties and setbacks. Surround yourself with individuals who can support you and bring you back if needed.

One thing is the same, although each manifestation technique has unique and important benefits.

Your intention.

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all the outcomes. Decide what you want from life, then go after it. Then believe with your heart! Don’t get me wrong; these methods are effective but utilise them as tools because you possess the true magic.

Both the universe and I have your back.

Love From Your Coach

Working toward a goal and creating the life you want for yourself may be done simply by using the law of attraction and manifesting. It makes no difference which approaches you favor. It’s important to act with conviction and resolve.

What you do is influenced by how you feel and think. There will be days when manifesting will be difficult, but that’s okay. Carry on. Likewise, don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

In my 30 Days Rise N Shine Manifestation Club, we think that everyone has the right to a fulfilling life. Therefore, we can assist you in discovering your mission and realizing your limitless potential.

For positive change, personal development, social interaction, and mental fitness all function together. Change is challenging. However, if you put in the necessary effort and envision it, you can achieve it.


1. How many days do I have to do the 369 method?

For 33 days (3 x 3 = 9 or 3+3 = 6) continue practising the method and you’ll see the difference.

2. What words to not say when manifesting?

Avoid using negative words like ‘don’t’. For example, if you want to manifest a healthy body, don’t use an affirmation such as: “I don’t want to fall ill!”. Your subconscious mind ignores words like don’t and your attention is on getting ill. In fact, when you remove the word don’t, the affirmation will say “I want to fall ill!”

3. How do I start manifesting?

You can join my 30 Days Rise N Shine Manifestation Club to start your manifestation journey where I teach handhold you to get started and help you achieve everything g you desire. Also, you can read my blog, How To Manifest: Ultimate Manifestation Guide to get an overview.

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