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​​”It’s the mind that makes you wise or ignorant, bound or emancipated!”

              – Ramakrishna Paramhangsha

What is Manifestation? and How to manifest?

It’s a simple question, but the answer is usually overlooked. 

To make your manifestation real, you must speak it into existence with strong intentions because wherever your desire is, that’s where your mind will be.

For example, you are playing a match and desire the cup. 

That’s wrong. Once you’re on the field, you must desire the goal—the goal, nothing else.

Once your desire is strong, your body and mind naturally move in that direction. But, let me tell you, the mind is very complex machinery. Everything you have today is because it was once in your mind, which brings me to the topic of manifestation.

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed while others consistently fail? It is simply a difference in mindset. A strong mindset allows manifestation to occur. With a weak mindset, you are always one negative situation away from quitting. Strong Individuals achieve success by way of manifestation which you too will learn in the upcoming paragraphs.

What Is Manifestation, And How Does It Work?

The art of purposefully attracting something you want into your life is known as manifestation. It means you construct your reality using the power of your subconscious mind.

The law of attraction is actually the subject of widespread misunderstanding. Many people think that all it takes to manifest something is to “think it into existence” or to desire something and then believe strongly enough to receive it.

what is manifestation

Before I dig deep, just remember that manifestation isn’t magic.

The concept is that you set your manifestation goals, become vibrationally connected with them, and then you must take inspired action to bring those goals into reality.

But don’t worry, I’ll walk you through everything today.
The most potent universal law, the Law of Attraction, is harnessed in the manifestation process. This law governs everything that occurs in your life and goes through. Therefore, what you can bring into your life through the Law of Attraction is completely limitless.

Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

The foundation of manifestation is the universal law of attraction, which states that like attracts like and that you get back what you put out into “the universe.”

When you want to attract your dreams, energy and vibration are everything.

This holds true for everything in our world, including the people you live with and all your possessions—even things like circumstances, ideas, emotions, and sentiments.

The issue is that people frequently misinterpret this. The proverb “Your thoughts create your reality” is well-known. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t operate like that.

You attract chances, ideas, people, and situations when you focus on your manifestation goals and vibrate in harmony with them; these things then prompt you to take creative action.

That’s when your new reality is created.

It’s crucial to realize that the law of attraction does not work like a magic trick that makes you a magnet for prosperity. Additionally, it is not as woo-woo as some portray it to be, and there is no ritual necessary for it to operate.

It all comes down to letting go of things that don’t align with your purpose and then realigning with your purpose using the right techniques. Creating the life you want begins with restoring your positive energy and converting your negative thoughts into positive inspirations. Hence, the habit and lifestyle developed over time allows conscious energy to ebb and flow with the things you want. 

For instance, you’d think that letting go of a job that doesn’t bring you the kind of money you want, makes you unhappy, and doesn’t make you feel better about yourself would be simple.

Conscious Manifestation

Whether conscious of it or not, you are continuously creating your reality. For example, have you ever been late for a bus or subway because you rushed out of bed? Or, has it ever occurred to you that you had a strong desire for something but secretly didn’t think you could obtain it?

All of these are instances of manifestation. Learning how to materialize is not the issue; you do it constantly. The real difficulty lies in learning to manifest consciously so that you don’t feel helpless and like your success depends on chance or any other outside element.

Because your subconscious works alongside you to create your reality and is on your side when you manifest things, “manifestation” does not essentially relate to routine goal-setting and achievement.

But contrary to what some would have you believe, it’s also not magic or a religious ceremony.

People love to discuss asking the universe for things or manifesting from the universe, yet this “universe” is inside of you. It’s the subconscious part of you.

In a word, the secret to successfully realizing your aspirations lies in your subconscious mind. Everything takes place in this location.

Principles For Conscious Manifestation

1. Have A Vision

You must be certain of your destination. It’s like taking a trip without knowing where you’re going. You can find yourself in your neighborhood and question why you aren’t in a better place.

However, when you know you’re going to Bali, you can choose the right flight. With everything in your life, it functions exactly the same. Your mind will lead your actions in the desired direction once you have a goal.

2. Make Your Intentions Clear

The intention is the foundation of conscious manifestation. Assume that your vision will come true as you desire—the only requirement to manifest your desire is to focus on them. Your desire has a defined direction, thanks to intention. 

By maintaining attention, you may direct energy in the desired direction. Every dream requires a certain amount of energy. Here, intention and focus are important.

3. Create A Steadfast Belief

You haven’t manifested what you want because you don’t think you can have it. There is nothing wrong with this; it’s just typical. It won’t happen if you don’t believe it can’t be yours. Your doubt prevents manifestation. 

Go within to understand what you believe, and then work to make that idea reality.

4. Take Inspired Action

The most crucial step. Here is where your goals become a reality.

When you consider that taking inspired action is essential for manifestation to succeed, it is a critical part to miss! Align your actions to your goals. For example, if you wish to travel the world, you may need to increase your savings or have a secondary source of income. Do what you would if you were confident that the energy was already yours. 

In our example, you link yourself with the realization of your dream by setting money aside for travel. You communicate to the universe that you are positive that you will travel and are preparing for it by setting aside money.

5. Drop Your Attachment To The Result

This was revealed by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita too. He says,

“Work must be done as a yajna to the Supreme Lord; otherwise, work causes bondage in this material world. Therefore, O son of Kunti, for the satisfaction of God, perform your prescribed duties, without being attached to the results.”

You may fail and try again when you let go of your attachment to the result. You don’t develop the worry and anxiety that prevent you from moving closer to your goal. Most essential, you don’t worry about whether you’ll succeed in your goals by letting your thoughts wander into the future. With your practices and action plan helping you get there, your attention is on the present.

Bonus Tip:

Your behaviors are caused by your thinking.

Your thoughts are now crucial since they influence every action you take.

According to this, your spirit contains patterns and images that influence your thought process. Therefore, the more conscious you are of your thoughts, the more emotionally invested you will be in your thought patterns as they are expressed via your choices, which ultimately lead to manifestation.

Every step allows us to enhance, modify, or eliminate what is already present. Whether conscious of it, you do that constantly throughout the day.

If you’ve found this blog, just know that your ideal life is out there waiting for you and that you do have the potential to co-create your life—you just need to believe it. Even though life doesn’t always treat us fairly, you have the power to alter the course of events by feeling that you are worthy and deserving of good things. This all begins with the person behind the mirror.

Love From Your Coach


The most interesting thing about manifestation is that you can manifest anything if it doesn’t harm anyone else or go against their will.

Absolute detachment is important. Most people make mistakes at this point. We like to control things in our lives because we think if we didn’t, they wouldn’t happen. 

“Letting go” involves a lot more than just letting go.

Grief is a process that is involved. We frequently become attached to things because of our beliefs and philosophies rather than the thing itself, for it is when someone becomes a lawyer because they believe it to be a prominent profession.

Letting go of the when and the how communicates your belief that it is already yours because no one can afford to wait unless they are certain of the outcome.

Having said all of that, your best friends, when it comes to determining what you want, obtaining it, and dealing with it are– patience and acceptance. When you accept it, the manifestation process at every stage is lovely.

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1. Can I manifest multiple things at once?

You can manifest as many things as you want, including multiple things.

Nevertheless, manifestation is a process that isn’t linear. Additionally, if you work on too many objectives at once, you might not give each one enough priority. Your subconscious mind could be seriously confused by this. Therefore, you need to be extremely clear about what you desire.

2. Should I think about my dream every day for it to manifest?

No. Once you take the flight to your destination, you don’t keep thinking about it. Instead, you board it and enjoy the journey. Similarly, once you have committed to an action plan, follow it. 

3. How long does it take to manifest?

The duration of time it takes to manifest varies depending on a variety of things, including the nature of the goal you wish to achieve and y current location (like the blocks you need to overcome and the action steps required to manifest what you want).