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“A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.”

Ever since the pandemic hit us, we have all been mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. 

While we can deal with the last one by consulting a doctor, the mental and emotional aspects are something that needs expert attention from someone who not only understands you but is also willing to hear your thoughts when no one else does.

I understand life is difficult no matter how you look at it. 

You frequently experience overload and anxiety when under so much pressure and responsibility. That pressure increases as the days, weeks, months, and years pass. It builds on top of you, bringing additional weight to your shoulders that sometimes it becomes unbearable to take any more of it.

Nevertheless, you continue.

Moving forward, you deal with everything that comes your way in life. Then comes a time when you become so accustomed and set in your ways that viewing situations from a new angle become challenging. 

This is where a life coach helps you, especially when you are ready to embark on a self-discovery journey, and assists you in determining how to get from point A (identifying a goal) to point B (reaching a goal).


According to a study conducted by ICF Global Coaching Study in 2009, 

73% of coaching clients say that coaching helps them improve their relationships, communication skills (72%), interpersonal skills (71%), work performance (70%), work/life balance (67%), and wellness (63%). 

Not only this, a life coach heals you from the inside by working on your limiting beliefs and helping you come out as a new person by reprogramming your subconscious mind. 

But to decide if you should really invest in a coach, you must first learn the basics of life coaching and what a life coach can do for you. Let me help you with all these questions in the following paragraphs.

What Is Life Coaching?

There’s a common mindset about life coaching– life coaches encourage clients and offer advice, but it is much more than that. Life coaching involves tapping into the untapped areas of your life and helping you get solutions for your problems. Effective coaching involves listening, developing trust, and assisting clients in setting goals.

You may have heard many famous people like Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey consult life coaches. Some of your friends, family members, or neighbours might be working with a coach for support as they go through life transitions that call for a new path and fresh objectives.

Life coaching focuses on what is occurring right now, what a person wants to achieve next, and how to close that gap.

What Does A Life Coach Do?

A life coach is a wellness expert who helps people improve their lives and find fulfilment. They are the individuals who have experienced and lived the transformation themselves. They don’t just motivate you but help you reconnect with your soul.

Their teachings are tried and tested, which makes them reliable people to go to. 

Life coaches may assist you in defining your goals by helping you attain clarity in your mindset, identifying the barriers preventing you from achieving them, and developing a plan of action to overcome each one. 

They give you the support you need to make a permanent change by assisting you in understanding your hidden potential and desires.

Why Do You Need A Life Coach?

1. To Attain Clarity In Life

Life coaching is about where you are now and where you want to be in each aspect of your life. 

Think of your life the same way as buying a new car. Use the same resources—time, money, and research—to make this decision. 

For example, when looking for a car, you assess your demands and evaluate models and features.

But when it comes to your life, you bumble through, thinking you’ll make the correct decisions and end up regretting it. 

You can consciously create every aspect of your life with the help of a coach.

A life coach can help you in areas like career, romantic relationships, family, friends, money, health, and so many more.

2. For Goal Setting

Long-term goals can be particularly challenging to envision when setting personal goals. Although you may be more used to having short-term objectives, it is pretty beneficial also to consider your long-term objectives. This can be a difficult and anxiety-provoking task for some people.

A life coach can assist you in setting goals by helping you understand your present and long-term aspirations and needs. They ask probing questions that help you learn important things about who you are and what you desire from life. 


They can assist you in staying organized and creating a plan to achieve your goals. 

Making a realistic strategy might occasionally be the most challenging step in reaching goals. Overly ambitious plans can cause you to lose motivation and hinder your journey.

A qualified life coach will ensure that each step in your plan is realistic and sufficiently detailed to be completely aware of what must be done and when.

3. For Honest Feedback And Advice

A life coach, as opposed to a friend or member of your family, is there to support you on your path to personal improvement by providing you with objective, truthful feedback. 

Instead of just trying to make you feel better, a life coach will concentrate on offering advice that will help you achieve your overall objectives. 

Additionally, their counsel will be supported by professional life experience from assisting others with similar objectives. They will be one of your biggest supporters, helping you reach each goal along the way and firmly guiding you back on course when you swerve off track.

4. To Understand Yourself


A life coach boosts your happiness and life satisfaction while reducing stress and promoting mental calmness. They help you fight your limiting beliefs by digging deep into your subconscious mind and dealing with anxieties surrounding you throughout the day.

When you develop a fresh self-image, your confidence, and self-esteem increase automatically. This, in turn, gives you more energy, positivity, productivity, and clarity for the next step of your life.

5. To Have You Accountable

If you falter or experience self-doubt, hiring a life coach will help you get back on track.

Accountability is crucial to realizing your aspirations and objectives. It implies that you are being held accountable for your accomplishments and failures. Accountability should not be viewed as a burden or an additional source of stress but rather as a source of pride in your life.

Having a coach you can check in with regularly will help you stay on track with your objectives. You may relax knowing that someone is there to help you stick to your roadmap since they will know it just as well as you do, if not better.

How Do I Find A Life Coach?

Before finding a coach, you must evaluate the area of life you need to work on. 

Life coaching is a diverse sector, and specialists are in each field. So ask these questions to yourself first:

  • What are your problems in life?
  • Are your concerns related to your career?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are you feeling disconnected from your inner world?

If you are depressed, you can consult a health and wellness coach. If your concern is related to business, you can consult a business coach, and so on.

Still not sure?

Let me tell you my story you can relate to and will help you make up your mind.

I’m Shilpa Singh– a Life Transformation Coach and Abundance-mindset Practitioner. 

But I wasn’t a coach from the start. I am an MBA in Marketing and have served in a multinational, multi-million dollar company for 14 years with an outstanding professional track record. 

But this did not make me happy from within, and at the age of 36, I decided to leap to rebrand my identity and build a career in the coaching industry. 

I attended several workshops and training programs to master the skill of life coaching. Ever since I started, my life’s purpose has been to help individuals discover their best-performing selves. 

After studying the Law of attraction and manifestation, I attracted the right opportunities.

I wrote and published a book named “Medi-Sin Children“, which became an Amazon Bestseller.

I was featured in Hindustan Times, Business World, and Business Standard for impacting people’s lives.

Founder of the “Rise n Shine Manifestation Club” and “Million Dollar Morning program” to date, I have touched the lives of 40000+ men and women by using positive psychology.

Transformed 10000 lives and have trained 100+ coaches through my courses and guidance.

It was astounding for me all of a sudden because I never thought I was capable of all this. But I know one thing, this is the result of the inspired actions I have taken. For a long time, I knew I have a bigger purpose to serve in my life, and the 9 to 5 frame isn’t the place for it to happen.

Hence, I took the first step and hired a coach to reprogram my life and work on myself with clarity and solid purpose. The coaching and webinar sessions gave me and my life a 360-degree turn of events and it felt like a rebirth. 

At that very moment, I realized the importance of a life coach for defining one’s life purpose.

Love From Your Coach

life coach shilpa

You and your ambitions are important!

I support you when you fall, lift you when you’re down, and inspire you to keep going. 

I handhold you throughout every step of the process, from gaining clarity in your mindset to setting your goals and putting a plan in place to help you achieve them. As your coach, I constantly encourage you to stay on your path to success, hold you accountable, and give you an extra push when needed.

In conclusion, I can help you transform “I desire” into “I have” and make your “I should” turn to “I am“.

Your way of living life will change drastically after this, and you’ll feel light and open to new challenges in life. It will be a kind of rebirth for you.


1. What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

Therapists are trained mental health professionals in the regulated healthcare field and require licensure. However, life coaches help you in mindset drifts and help you stay aligned with your goals. They give you the much-needed purpose in your life. Moreover, a life coach is much more affordable than a therapist’s session.

2. Can I be a life coach without certification?

Yes, you can because there is no licensing requirement. Anyone who wants to be a life coach can pursue the profession. But certification creates a strong image in front of the clients; hence, they take you seriously. If you want to become a life coach, you can join my 10-weeks million dollar coach training program to learn the basics of coaching and ways to attract the right clients.

3. What does a life coach help with?

Life coaches help improve diverse areas of your life like relationships, careers, and personal growth. They help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies to help you overcome the obstacles.